Michigan Society for Medical Research
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MISMR has worked for more than 25 years to provide an institutional and public environment favorable for biomedical research in Michigan.


We are scientific and lay community volunteers, who, with the financial support of Michigan’s research institutions, have sustained vigilance over anti-research initiatives, the animal rights movement, and all efforts aimed at unnecessarily restricting the conduct of ethical biomedical research. To serve our mission we conduct programs that advance and expedite research in the biological sciences, particularly those that promote human and animal welfare through the prevention, control, and cure of disease. We promote public understanding and support of the methods, requirements and accomplishments of biological research. MISMR facilitates cooperation among its members on programs that advance research in biology, medicine, agriculture, and related fields.


Essay Contest

Each year, MISMR sponsors a high school essay contest on the ethical use of animals in biomedical research. Over the years MISMR has conducted this competition, thousands of students have explored the many contributions that animal research has made for human and veterinary medicine, and appreciated the complexities of the ethical use of animals.


MISMR publishes a science newsletter, BioFocus, to Michigan middle and high school science teachers and students. The newsletter helps educators understand how biomedical research contributes to the science that has improved human and animal life. BioFocus emphasizes science education and literacy, and provides insight into the many possible careers in biomedical research.


We educate legislators, local government representatives, and the public about the importance of the humane use of animals in research. For example, MISMR led an advocacy campaign with the Michigan legislature to create, support and sign into law Public Acts 519 and 520, which increase the penalties for vandalism in research laboratories.

We monitor pending state and local legislation, as well as animal rights activities and initiatives, assess that information for potential impact on the Michigan research community, and distribute alerts to a broad audience.

MISMR also distributes a brochure, Speak Out, listing contact information for all current Michigan legislators.


The MISMR Annual Meeting & Educational Symposium is a scientific and educational forum on topics of importance to the Michigan research community. Keynote speakers provide updates on cutting edge biomedical research and give our student attendees a glimpse at inspiring research careers. Here we also recognize key individuals with our MISMR Advocacy Awards for contributions to science and science education in Michigan.


MISMR conducts an annual educational forum for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC). This forum provides valuable local training and networking opportunities for professionals responsible for the care and responsible use of research animals.


MISMR Security Meetings provide a rare opportunity for representatives of public, private, and governmental organizations with similar responsibilities to share experiences, insights, challenges, and intelligence focused on addressing security issues raised by anti-research activists.