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The mission of the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR) is to promote the public’s trust in biomedical research, and its ethical conduct.


Twenty five years ago, the Presidents and CEOs of Pacific Northwest’s most respected research facilities recognized that public trust in the integrity of research was essential to the future of medical discovery in our region. NWABR was born out of that commitment and stands today as the Northwest’s leading voice for understanding biomedical research and its ethical conduct.

Through education and dialogue, NWABR is dedicated to promoting  the public’s trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct. Our diverse membership spans academic, industry, non-profit research institutes, health care, and voluntary health organizations.

At NWABR, we:

  • Serve and strengthen our research community
  • Cultivate public understanding and trust in research
  • Inspire students and support excellence in science teaching
  • Foster dialogue about the key role of ethics in biomedical research

Through our diverse membership and extensive education programs, we foster a shared commitment to the ethical conduct of research and ensure the vitality of the life sciences community.


Public Outreach
NWABR provides free training and materials to K–12 educators through its website.  NWABR also provides three programs aimed at Middle and High school students.  These programs are:

  • Middle school competition – where students produce an essay, poster or video about how biomedical research has impacted their life.
  • High school Bio Expo completion – where students are matched with a mentor and they develop and present a science project at a juried competition.
  • Camp Bio Med – where students spend a week with highly trained scientists with an aim of instilling or confirming their interest in science education and careers.

NWABR also runs a series of Community Conversations, speaker and communications trainings and a speakers bureau aimed at improving the communication between lay people and science.

Research Support

NWABR provides a series of research conferences each year aimed at supporting researchers and research institutions.  At the present time NWABR hosts:

  • An annual IACUC conference
  • An annual IRB conference
  • An annual Security and Crisis Communications conference.
  • An annual IBC conference.

NWABR also hosts smaller annual regional conferences in Portland and Spokane.  These conference cover topics including IACUC, IRB and IBC and are called Crossing the I’s.

Crisis Assistance

NWABR provides strategic guidance to member organizations in crisis situations. We monitor media coverage and security updates and are available to interact with the media and draft opinion pieces on our members’ behalf. Members also have access to our detailed crisis and communications manual.

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NWABR.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NWABR

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NWABR